Direct Government Investments in infrastructures a la Abuja. Direct responsibility by the office of the presidency. Public and Government accountability. Aggressively combat spills by empowering NOSDRA. Oil spill is a national problem and not a regional one as it’s been handled.

The 9 oil producing states get derivation funds amounting to 13% of the nation’s oil revenue, an arrangement that has done nothing to change the lives of the residents in these areas. A politician suggested raising this to 50%. A bill by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) to the National Economic Council is requesting that the fund be paid directly to the oil producing communities through commissions created by the states.

The question is, how about doing the things that the people wanted? These fellow Nigerians are simply asking for opportunities, jobs, infrastructures and disciplined operations by the oil companies that respect environment, control spills and take responsibility for accidents. A few thousand Naira a year for every household is a insulting joke.

Abuja was built mainly in the 1980s mostly by a direct focus of the presidency. ARP sees a great opportunity in transforming the Niger-Delta region in a similar way. It can become the nation’s Dubai, a tourist and economic center. We can also make it the continent’s first IT cluster! This is what the 13% derivation fund should do. This is building the nation and not just building Niger-Delta. It is about time we start defining the Niger-Delta problem as Nigeria problem.