African Renaissance Party or ARP is a movement born of the unprecedented swell of frustrations, hopelessness and understandable anger among all Nigerians toward the current system and rulers in the country. Like all Nigerians we believe that the country needed a total overhaul.

Difficult as it may seem, this country can be saved because we are simply the majority. The marauders who hold this wealthy nation to ransom are but a tiny fraction. We just need the courage to politically put our frustrations and anger into action. So, what are you going to do? Continue to talk about it? Street protests? Activist journalism? Student unionism? Or vote in the right party in numbers that even the devil himself can not deny!

Think about it. We don't have any other logical choice but to use our democracy. Through shameless manipulations of democracy they have held on to power but also in this system lies their weakness. All forms of activism, street protests and riots have failed us because they are predicated on changing conscience and shaming the target. What conscience?

ARP agenda focus on empowering individuals through 21st generation Education, access to Healthcare and Economic independence. Until the individual is empowered we can not begin to realize our national potentials or even tackle the mother of all our woes, large scale corruption. This is the secrete of the western world.

What are you going to do?

Join ARP today! We ALL owe the next generation!

Talk to your friends and families!

Download fliers, brochures and share!

This is the Revolution!